We identify, evaluate and present via this website non-profit organizations as candidates for personal philanthropy....all from the perspective of active donors who wish to be confident that funds or time contributed are achieving the greatest possible impact in addressing identified problems.

We seek to help donors be comfortable that they are effectively focusing their philanthropy by helping to answer three key questions:

  1. Is the recipient organization credible? Do they have a solid reputation for integrity; are basic governance, financial controls and reporting in place; do we have an informed basis for evaluating them?

  2. Does the recipient organization have the capacity to successfully deploy the additional funds and/or volunteer contributions?

  3. Will the likely level of giving have a material impact on the organization's capabilities and reach?

It is difficult for most individual philanthropists to find and evaluate potential recipients outside their own communities. Yet many of the problems these generous people wish to address are not nearby. We seek to help the donor achieve a comparable level of comfort with a more diverse array of worthy recipients to that which they could obtain by visiting local charities. In so doing, we believe the level of giving will increase and very worthwhile organizations will be supported which might not otherwise have been known to motivated donors.