A Message to Fellow Donors,

We founded Focusing Philanthropy as an outgrowth of our own experience in charitable giving. The ability and opportunity to give money or time in support of a worthy cause is one of the most rewarding human experiences. Yet, we found it difficult to find recipient organizations about which we could learn enough to be truly confident that our donations would be well used and have a material impact. We found some services to help us evaluate potential recipients but they were mostly limited geographically or lacked sufficient information or analysis to enable us to make donation decisions. We wanted insight and judgment just as we would if we were making any other type of investment decision. We created Focusing Philanthropy in response to these needs, and to share our findings with others who may have similar motivations and experiences.

We seek to meet the needs of active donors who, like us, are searching for and attempting to track extraordinary non-profit organizations in our areas of interest. The Partners are committed to doing much of their giving through Focusing Philanthropy, contributing to and leveraging this effort to (i) support higher levels of giving to worthy, well-vetted recipients, (ii) lend credibility and increased comfort to other potential donors who might join us, and (iii) maximize the impact of every contribution.

We hope you find that Focusing Philanthropy can be a useful tool as you seek to maximize the impact of your donations. Even if your areas of philanthropic interest are different from those addressed here, we hope that our process of assessing potential grantees will be useful as you seek your own ways to focus your philanthropy. And, of course, we welcome any suggestions about our approach or specific admirable charities you think might fit the themes and screening criteria we describe here. Please share your views through the communication links provided by this website.


The Partners of Focusing Philanthropy