Who founded Focusing Philanthropy?

Who runs Focusing Philanthropy?

Who covers the costs of Focusing Philanthropy?

Can I designate what causes I would like my donations to support?

Are my donations tax-deductible?

How long has Focusing Philanthropy been around?

How are the Areas of Focus determined?

Do you develop special giving opportunities, beyond what would be available to any donor wishing to support a given nonprofit without doing so through Focusing Philanthropy?

Do you monitor potential recipients showcased by Focusing Philanthropy?

Answer:   Yes. Yes. We monitor the performance and circumstances of our showcased beneficiary organizations on a continuous basis. Among a range of other interactions and analyses, our monitoring involves field visits to program sites. We visit program sites of each of our domestically-oriented nonprofits each year. We often visit multiple sites during the year. We visit the program sites (not just headquarters) of our internationally-oriented nonprofits at least every other year. In several instances, we have visited program sites in multiple countries for the same nonprofit. This extensive and continuous monitoring enables us to exercise judgment regarding what programs and initiatives to support. We update our descriptions of our recipient organizations as their circumstances and performances, and our relationship with them, evolve. If we conclude that any potential recipient we list no longer meets our screening criteria, we will eliminate them from our roster. If our monitoring causes us material concerns, but we believe remedial action is possible and likely, we will defer making further donations until our concerns are alleviated.

Can my organization apply to be featured by Focusing Philanthropy?