Who founded Focusing Philanthropy?

Who runs Focusing Philanthropy?

Who covers the costs of Focusing Philanthropy?

Can I designate what causes I would like my donations to support?

Are my donations tax-deductible?

How long has Focusing Philanthropy been around?

How are the Areas of Focus determined?

Do you develop special giving opportunities, beyond what would be available to any donor wishing to support a given nonprofit without doing so through Focusing Philanthropy?

Answer:   Yes. We work together with nearly all the nonprofits we showcase to develop special, curated initiatives (and associated budgets, timetables and intended outcomes) which are presented as distinctive giving opportunities, often through collaborative fundraising appeals. In all such instances, Focusing Philanthropy devotes considerable resources helping refine the special appeal, then monitors performance in relation to the budget, plan, and hoped-for impacts. We then report to participating donors on the results.

Do you monitor potential recipients showcased by Focusing Philanthropy?

Can my organization apply to be featured by Focusing Philanthropy?