Who founded Focusing Philanthropy?

Who runs Focusing Philanthropy?

Who covers the costs of Focusing Philanthropy?

Can I designate what causes I would like my donations to support?

Answer:   Yes. You can choose which giving opportunities you would like to support. Just go to the "Donate Now" section of this site and specify the amount you wish to give. Keep in mind that, due to our extensive and continuous monitoring of our showcased nonprofits, if after we receive your donation, we feel the organization you wish to support is at serious risk of ceasing to meet our screening criteria, we will defer making any donations to that group until and unless our concerns have been satisfactorily resolved. If we cannot return to an adequate comfort level quickly, we will consult with you. We will (i) continue to hold your donated funds pending a resolution with the nonprofit, (ii) we will redirect your donation to other opportunities we offer after we consult with you or (iii) wewill return your donation so long as you have not already claimed a tax deduction for the gift.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

How long has Focusing Philanthropy been around?

How are the Areas of Focus determined?

Do you develop special giving opportunities, beyond what would be available to any donor wishing to support a given nonprofit without doing so through Focusing Philanthropy?

Do you monitor potential recipients showcased by Focusing Philanthropy?

Can my organization apply to be featured by Focusing Philanthropy?